Jeff Ireland Hints Dolphins Are Looking At QB Terrelle Pryor?

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    Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland strongly hinted the team is taking a look at a Terrelle Pryor who will not be returning to the Buckeyes this fall in wake of his recent scandal and fallout from the Jim Tressel resignation. Ireland told the Sun-Sentinel that he’s beginning the process of evaluating an Ohio State player & “maybe a Florida playerâ€￾ who might be entering the supplemental draft. Of course Ireland couldn’t mention names, but only a simple person wouldn’t realize he’s referring to former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, and Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins. The former Ohio State leader seems hellbent on playing in the NFL after turning down an offer to join the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL.

    Source: Football News Now
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    Another Pat White.
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    Nothing to do with the title but if the Phins are interested in taking Jenkins they are outta their freaking minds. This kid got tied up twice in three months for possession. Might as well tattoo a scarlet letter in the form of a blunt on his chest.