Jerry Jones Not Firing Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips

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    The Cowboys disappointing start has once again led to questions about the job security of Wade Phillips. The answer is the same as we have reported here time and time again. Owner Jerry Jones has no intention of firing his head coach at this time. Jones, who is in Chicago for owners meetings, reiterated that point to NFL Network's Albert Breer on Tuesday. Breer, who spoked to Jones, wrote via Twitter: Jones said Wade's job security isn't an issue: "I've already talked about that," Jones said. "But nothing is impacting anything about our focus. "I'm certainly disappointed for everyone concerned, surprised …and I feel like we're losing time here. We're running out of time, even though it's early in the season. .. If we're gonna go, we've got to go now, and go hard."

    Source: Dallas Morning News
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    title should be jerry jones not interested in winning in 2010.

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    watch dallas win this week. :icon_redface:
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    the DC would really gain nothing in firing Wade now if this happens it would be better to fire him at seasons end so that a new coach and staff have enough time to implemant their plans
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    I miss-read what you put and feel like a jackbutt. :)

    Should be a great game.
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    Ahhhhhh, the hottest Cowboys topic after evey game the Cowboys lose.:icon_cool: