Jets QB Geno Smith Out 6-10 Weeks After 'Sucker Punch'

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by BigBlueBruiser, Aug 11, 2015.

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    How embarrassingly hilarious.
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    I thought the Jets would be a little less of circus with Rex Ryan gone, but shirt like this happens:popcorn:
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    That should teach him to stick his fingers in IKs face.

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    Enemkpali was arrested April 2011 and charged w/ disturbing peace, battery of police officer. But coaches said it was against his character.

    10:50 AM - 11 Aug 2015
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    Good news is the players are punching each other instead of their Wimmins.

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    Paging Michael Vick?

    The jokes and memes are coming out about this.

    Geno Smith...Straight Outta Teeth.

    Geno threw a punch...and it missed by 10 yards.

    Geno threw a punch...and it was intercepted and returned for a TD.

    IK has had a problem with violence in his past. The Jets knew about it, but drafted him anyway.
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    vick wont work with the offense they are running now.
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    Vick's agent already spoke with the Jets and both sides said its not a good fit.
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    yeah they booted marty and brought bugle I think ? they went with a basic dink and dunk offense which isn't for vick. smart move by all not to sign.
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    Saw this on Yahoo Sports:

    So, do we call Geno Smith Broadway Jaw now?
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    [​IMG] no watermelon for you,mr smith!
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    Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Buffalo Bills have picked up IK.

    That didn't take long. I'm surprised.
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    He's not a good fit for about 32 teams in the league.
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