Jets QB Mark Sanchez Accused Of "Romancing" A 17-Year-Old

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    On Friday afternoon, Deadspin published a letter from a lawyer representing a 17-year-old girl warning them that there will be legal action if Deadspin publishes a story about his client. A.J. Daulerio, Deadspin's editor, doesn't reveal the nitty gritty of the story is, but he doesn't leave in many blanks either. Daulerio writes that they've been working on a story about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez "romancing" the girl in question and that they are in possession of photos sent to them by the girl from Sanchez's bedroom. Daulerio promises that the entire story will be revealed on Tuesday and writes that the Jets have been made aware of the story and are preparing a statement. The letter from the lawyer states that allegations of an improper or illict relationship are false and that there is nothing involved that holds legitimate interest for the general public.

    Source: NBC Sports
  2. Sanchez is 24 and this girl is 17?

    Doesn't seem like a total big deal....especially since she'll be barely legal soon. Start counting down the days "Sanchise".......
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    Too young...

    The age formula goes as follows: Divide your age in half and add 7. 24/2 = 12+7 = 19. 17<19. Too Young...:rollinglaugh:
  4. 17 is the age of consent of having a sexual relationship with a person in New York. 16 is the age of consent in New Jersey.

    It's not like Mark is in his late 20's, early 30's. He's only 24.

    Good formula though......:icon_cheesygrin:
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    What's the age of consent in Mexico? And are the pictures of feet for his BFF?
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  7. 12 years of age at the minimum.......
  8. if it aignt illegal then best of luck to them and everyone else should stop criticizing.
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    He didn't heck the girl. He met her at a club and gave her his number. When you meet someone AT A CLUB you don't ask them their age as it's usually the meat at the door who keeps them out. There's no law that says you can't talk to minors unless he pulled a Brett and sent her a picture of the little Sanchise. I'm sick of people "having pictures" and threatening to release them if things don't go their way. Either release them and do something or STFU!
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    Duke trying to see the Dirty Sanchez :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Actually she went to his house so who knows what went on, she's legal so what's the freaking problem?
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    Only in New York people. Only in New York. Joe Willie wants to kiss Suzy, Brett and his big unit sexting, and now Sanchise rocking the cradle. Only in New York. Gives us MediaGuys something to keep us busy.:icon_cool:
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    between this story and ryan and his wife i NR-17 version of the jets - hardknocks.

    queue the ph0rno music.
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    [ame=]YouTube - Family Guy - Hey Meg Are You 18 Yet[/ame]
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    in new york 17 is legal? i thought 18 was legal
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    If you bang a underaged chick or give them alcohol even if you didnt know they were underaged or they told you they were of age you can still get busted for it.
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    she had a story to tell her fellow high school tramps