Jets QB Mark Sanchez Says He Wanted To Fight Coach Rex Ryan After Benching

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  1. Mark Sanchez has leveled his share of opponents while guiding the New York Jets to two straight AFC Championships, but it was outspoken coach Rex Ryan who nearly received a knockout punch last season. In an interview with GQ, Sanchez talked about the frustration he felt when Ryan hinted at benching him during a rocky stretch in the Jets' 2010 campaign. Following frustrating losses to the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, in which Sanchez's play suffered, Ryan called for backup Mark Brunell to work with the starting unit in practice. Sanchez was irate with Ryan over the suggestion that his starting role was in danger. "I wanted to fight him. I was really mad," Sanchez said. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer had to placate Sanchez, who insisted Ryan face him in person. "I was like, '(Ryan) can come tell me (himself),'" Sanchez recalled. "And (Schottenheimer) is like, 'Come on, man, don't do that.'"

  2. Shut up.......
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    His butt guided the Jets to two AFC Championship appearances the same way Trent Dilfer guided the Ravens to a Super Bowl win. He was just along for the ride, Even though I will give him credit that his play in the playoffs were pretty stellar nevertheless he didn't guide anything IMO.
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    come on mark, rex has walked through bigger guys than channing crowder on his way to fights
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    Who wouldn't be pissed about getting benched
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    Gimme a heckin' break. Is this guy still a hot-headed tough guy teenager?
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    and buffets
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    Sanchez - the So Cal OG.

    Don't heck wit him or you'll get your butt knocked out. :icon_rolleyes:
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    Everyone always says "like him or not you have to respect the kid's leadership." Really? You should be pissed off if he is going to bench you, sure. That's being competitive. But opening your mouth like this? Saying it? That's not the kind of maturity you want out of your "leader." And that says a lot about him, too.
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    Next will be Rex Ryan admitting he wanted to fight Mark Sanchez when he stole his hotdog.

    [ame=]Jets QB Mark Sanchez Eats a Hot Dog on Sidelines - Higher Quality - YouTube[/ame]
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    ^^^Best post ever.,

    I hope they kill each other.