John Harbaugh Says Jim Harbaugh Will Not Coach At Notre Dame

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    Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh addressed rumors linking his brother, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, to the Notre Dame head coaching vacancy. And Harbaugh made it clear that his brother isn't going to coach the Fighting Irish, and never met or had a meeting set up with Notre Dame officials. “Well, it’s interesting the way the media works – no disrespect intended," John Harbaugh said today. "The fact was, and I knew this all along, there was no meeting scheduled with Notre Dame. He hadn’t talked to anybody from Notre Dame. It’s a tough thing for coaches to be in a situation where [there is so much speculation]. And the truth of the matter is he said, I’ll be at Stanford next year, God willing. Well, to me that’s a very humble statement to make. 'And you might say, ‘OK, he’s skirting the question.’ Well, is there anybody standing around here that can say I’ll be somewhere tomorrow, for sure. None of us know that, for sure, that we’re going to be anywhere the next day, because it’s not up to us. We don’t control that necessarily. But he loves where he’s at; he’s got no intention of being anywhere else. He wants to be at Stanford. He tried to make that as clear as he could, and I’m proud of him for that."

    Source: National Football Post