Jon Fox, Denver Broncos Part Ways

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    Harbaugh said he hasn't addressed the Broncos' opening with Kubiak "out of respect."

    "I hadn't sat down with Gary and interrogated him about it. Maybe I should," Harbaugh said. "He told me he plans on being here. Denver hasn't reached out in any way at this time, not to say that couldn't change at some point in time. If that happens, we'll cross that bridge when we get there."
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    I hear Firefox is Manning's favorite Web browser.:-)
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    You screwed the joke up. It's Elway's favorite browser...not Mannings...:no:
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    Haha....good old Raggy.
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    @AdamSchefter: Broncos submitted request to Ravens to interview OC Gary Kubiak, who has said he would remain in Baltimore but who has long ties to Denver.
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    Kubiak was Shanahan's OC during their Super Bowl years...and he was even Elway's back up QB at some time, right?
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    that didn't take long to change his mind:

    Ravens OC Gary Kubiak plans to take Broncos HC job if it is offered to him, per sources. Kubiak is believed to be Denver's No. 1 head-coaching candidate, so now it will be up to both sides, Kubiak and the Broncos, to share their football philosophies and reach an agreement when they meet today in Houston, where Kubiak lives. However, no announcement of any deal Is expected until Tuesday, after today's conference championship games and after Monday's Martin Luther King holiday. But all signs now point to Kubiak being named Broncos head coach Tuesday.