Jon Gruden To Replace Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini?

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SRW, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Dan Pompei of the National Football Post writes that it’s beginning to look like Eric Mangini may be replaced by Jon Gruden in Cleveland. All it will take is maybe $7 million a year. It’s believed that the Browns job may be the only one that really interests Gruden. Browns president Mike Holmgren knows Gruden well from their days together in Green Bay and San Francisco. NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reported Thursday night that "it will likely take a strong finish for Mangini to keep his job and that evaluations are ongoing."

    Source: National Football Post
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    I really don't know how I feel about this. Gruden's a real smart dude and would probably be a solid coach who's committed to the team.

    But I always thought he was a total dbag in Tampa and the way he dealt with his players. At least right now though, that's not the guy you see on MNF.

    My problem is that the team is playing hard every week Mangini and just not getting it done. I didn't like him as a hire, but his system had seemed to be working this year. He needs to improve, I'm just not sure he's the right guy to pin everything bad on this season.
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    [Gruden >> Mangini]< Box of Rocks.
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    Mangenious has sent the browns in the right direction. He needs more time. Gruden would send em right back the other way.
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    Not with Holmgren running the front office. I think Holmgren + Gruden will be a good combo. Remember they used to coach together.
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    McCoy has done well so far. But if they put Gruden in charge he will ruin him.
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    Gruden is a good coach, but he's a Dictator. And his offense, which is pretty decent, is one of the most difficult to learn in all of football. The language he uses for his plays, alone, will set McCoy back a year, to a year and a half. I can remember Brad Johnson and Brian Griese both in different interviews, different years, commenting on how difficult the language of Gruden's offense is to learn.
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    Gruden doesn't have the patience to develop a QB he WILL bring a veteran QB with him. And yes, he's a c**t when it comes to dealing with his players.
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    It's lose/ I'll endorse either one for the Browns...
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    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a team that still has a pretty big talent gap that is hanging with teams every week. Remember they only have 3 of their last ten first round picks on their roster now. They just need another draft or two like this year. Plus, it's borderline goobered to start over again unless there's a clear need. Forget turning the corner. The Browns want to start over every time they start to see the corner.
  13. agreed with everyone here. Mangini deserves more time.
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    I think they should give Mangini one more year. I could see Gruden going to Tennessee or Carolina. The Browns, definitely, if they decide to part ways with Mangini.
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    i tend to agree with ward on this one. i think mangini is doing about as well as he can do, which isn't great, but i also don't think the gruden towards the end of his tenure with the bucs was a very good h.c.

    having said that, if gruden has learned from his mistakes and will just focus on coaching and get back to what made him a good coach early on in his career, he would probably be an improvement.
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    Does anyone think Gruden's ego could possibly have gotten any smaller then when he left coaching by being on MNF?