Jon Gruden Turned Down $7M A Year Offer To Coach Dolphins

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  1. The San Francisco 49ers met with Jim Harbaugh on Wednesday about their head-coaching vacancy, but they have yet to strike a deal, according to league sources. The Miami Dolphins, meanwhile, remain seriously interested after failing to land former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden and now are re-focused on Harbaugh. Dolphins owner Steve Ross is seeking another meeting with the Stanford coach, this time in California. League sources say the 49ers have offered around $4.5 million per season, while the Dolphins offered Gruden $7 million per season, which he rejected to stay at ESPN as an analyst. Harbaugh is seeking a deal worth around $6.5 million per season, which Pete Carroll received from the Seattle Seahawks last year to leave USC and while several people close to Harbaugh have advised him against going to the 49ers because of their front-office structure, he has received more favorable reports on Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland.

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  2. The Dolphins would've made Gruden the highest paid coach in the league and he turn it down. And he would've stayed in Florida too.

    He is really committed to ESPN.
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    I don't understand this guys mystique all the sudden
  5. Super Bowl winning coach......T.V. personality.

    Same with Bill Cowher.

    But Brian Billick isn't getting that treatment. I guess thats because it's been over a decade since he won a Super Bowl. That mystique wore off a long time ago.
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    Well that just hecked up the team and Tony
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    What I've read is that the concern is that Billick wants a good, fair relationship with a competent GM like Ozzie Newsome like he had in Baltimore otherwise he'll be a handful. Billick has more balls than a clown like Gruden by a mile.
  8. Tony's is it possible to bring him back after wooing Gruden and Harbaugh while he's still the head coach?
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    Exactly...yet he's not

    "Tony, we couldn't find anyone else, so we're going to hang on to you for now.
  10. Word.
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    Smart move my Gruden. I feel that Stephen Ross is being disrespectful to Tony Sparano by keeing him as Head Coach while looking for another.
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    I can't believe he turned that down, do him and Parcells have any history? He probably wanted to bring in his own coordinators.
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    didnt Parcells leave Miami? anyways...Gurden must be holding out 4 bigger money lol