Junior Seau Shows His Fashion Side

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    Junior Seau is back in the Super Bowl in style.

    The 18-year NFL veteran donned a sweet Havana-style hat for his session with reporters on Monday.

    "I probably have 150 hats," the Patriots linebacker said. "I'm pretty sick with hats. The world hasn't seen this one yet, so I thought I'd throw it on."

    Seau last played in the Super Bowl in 1994 in San Diego's loss to San Francisco.

    "It's been 181 games since I've been part of a Super Bowl," he said. "The game that I played against the 49ers was basically a game that we were overmatched. We really were."

    The Super Bowl was big then, but nothing like it is now, he said.

    "It's definitely a bigger attraction, and there's definitely more media hype to it," Seau said. "It's a very important game, it really is."

    His team's 18-0 record only adds to that.

    Source: Bob Baum, AP
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    Come on now JR. is a old head with style, plus he have the money to get whatever he want.
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    At his age, isn't it about time to stop being called Junior?
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    That's what I thought. I want to see that awesome hat.
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    Thanx Boltz...I couldn't find the pics earlier.
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