Klinsmann add Berti Vogts to the USMNT staff

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  1. ollysj

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    Source: http://soccer.si.com/2014/03/30/berti-vogts-jurgen-klinsmann-usmnt-world-cup/

    As Klinsmann, Vogts was a great player, but never became a great coach. After he won the European Cup as German HC, he became a journeyman without any real success.

    Just waiting for the addition of Lothar Matthäus, to complete the triple of "great player, but lousy coach"
  2. TJ

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    The U.S. are heading to another 1st round exit in the world cup, anyway.
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  3. ollysj

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    That's some great news for Mexico. Maybe your guys can share a plane with the USA, on your way home ;)

    Well, WC has it's own rules.....
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  4. TJ

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    Nah, we're headed to our sixth straight round-of-16 exit (we're facing either Spain or the Netherlands in that round). But they can wait for us.

    BTW...only Mexico, Germany and Brazil have made it out of the first round in each of the past five World Cups. Hey!! It's something!!
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  5. ollysj

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    Don't underestimate Croatia.
    That's a nice fact, I didn't knew <thumbs up>
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    Can't wait to see the US' inevitable 0 point performance causing a crushing blow to the development of US Sawwwwker.
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    And nobody will care. Not even the Americans
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  8. Omen

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    Some of us do. But I like the fact that Andy hates us. I liken it to inferiority complex