Le'Ron McClain Looking To Sign With Team That Will Give Him More Carries

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    As much satisfaction as Le'Ron McClain got out of blocking for Ray Rice for the past few seasons, the two-time Pro Bowl fullback wanted to be a lot more involved in the Baltimore Ravens' offense. And not touching the football nearly as much as he wanted could complicate McClain's decision on whether he'll return. "It's a great fit blocking in this offense, if that's all you want to do every week," McClain told the National Football Post in a telephone interview. "When you feel like you can give a lot more and have proven you can do a lot more and all you're doing is blocking, it's a little frustrating at times when they're telling you, 'All you got to do is go block this guy.' But I never let it get to me. I take pride in my game. "I gave it my all. With all my heart and might and will, I blocked for Ray Rice. My frustration comes from wanting to do more. When we lost that game against Pittsburgh in the playoffs to not even get one attempt, it was pretty frustrating." McClain rushed for a career-high 902 yards and 10 touchdowns during the 2008 season. Last season, though, McClain rushed for 85 yards and no touchdowns on 28 carries and caught 21 passes for 134 yards and no scores. McClain said he never lobbied offensive coordinator Cam Cameron for an increased role. "I haven't talked to Cam," McClain said. "I shy away from that. Looking back on it, I just wish I could have done more. If I could just have seven or eight touches, that would be great. A couple years ago, everybody touched the ball."

    Source: National Football Post
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    Check with Ga. Tech or Nebraska.
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    McGahee out - McClain as the new #2 = problem solved.
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    Hell, I'd love to have him on board in Tennessee. We need a change of pace jackhammer since the coaching staff were dumb enough to let LeGarrette Blount go to the Bucs.
  5. New York........New York!

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    How would he fit in New York? I know Brandon Jacobs is a nut case, but he still forms a decent 1-2 with Bradshaw, no?