Lions, DE Ndamukong Suh Reach Agreement On 5-Year Deal

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    The Detroit Lions and Ndamukong Suh reached an agreement Tuesday on a five-year contract, according to team sources. The two sides have agreed on the terms of the deal, but still are signing off on the language of it. The deal will not be signed until the language is completed. The numbers were projected to come in north of $12 million a year, which means the deal will be worth over $60 million dollars. There now are two first-round picks without deals: Seattle's No. 6 overall pick Russell Okung and Buffalo's No. 9 overall pick C.J. Spiller.

    Source: ESPN
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    Beat me to it you SOB!

    Well it's about friggin time Suh. Wonder if he was "intimidated" by Dominic Raiola? :icon_cheesygrin:
  3. Wrong.

    I sent in the news scoop.....:icon_cheesygrin:
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    About damn time you primadonna now get your big butt to work!
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    5 years is a little weird, these top 5 or 10 guys are usually 6
  6. Here are the exact figures.....

    Detroit Lions, Ndamukong Suh reach contract agreement - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

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    Why was the other Suh article deleted?
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    It won't be re-posted "until the language is completed".


    Thanks for the update tho...:icon_cheesygrin:
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    Your welcome man.... :icon_cheesygrin:

    But I can guarantee there won't be any "language issues" when I return to the news team....:icon_cool:

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    I see the other Suh article has been restored....carry on. :peace:
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    wow, what a shock! $12 mill/year and $40 mill guaranteed .................. why the delay heckheads? i could have told you 3 months ago that would have been the contract.
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    he got paid !