Lions Keeping An Eye On Who The Chiefs Release

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by SRW, Feb 14, 2010.

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    The Lions certainly will be keeping an eye on the Kansas City Chiefs amid the NFL maneuvering this off-season. "They keep wanting to dump players," defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham said late last season. "I would like to be there to catch a lot of them, because I know a couple of those guys." Toward the end of his tenure as the Chiefs' defensive coordinator in 2008 Cunningham bemoaned coaching so many young players as the Chiefs struggled but now some of those young players are older, and they might be available because they don't fit the new defensive system the Chiefs introduced. "Some of those young kids I coached, I really believed they were going to be good players, and I know I'm right about that," Cunningham said. "Now what's happened there is the same thing in any organization. A new guy comes in, and they decide to go to the 3-4 defense when the structure of the personnel was built for the 4-3." The Lions already acquired Turk McBride, a Chiefs second round pick in 2007.

    Source: Detroit News
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    NFL player feeding:
    Patriots send players to the Patriots West, and then P-West sends their refusniks to Detroit. So Tom Brady is only 2 bad seasons away from being a Lion. Ha!
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    not sure i would wait for the chiefs to release people..... but ok.
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    we let players go to steelers west (cards) then their careers die
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    Gunther has a sharp eye for defensive talent...somewhat unsettling he's anxiously waiting in the wings for us to dump players he feels are talented. I hope the Chiefs don't make a devasting mistake under Pioli as they did under Peterson...IE: trading Jared Allen, Scott Fujita, Pollard, & other very talented defensive players...which has come back to haunt the Chiefs.
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    new group dumped pollard so yes they will dump some more and bring in more losers like cassel
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    Some players can be developed better under certain coaches or a chance of scenary. So if he likes what he sees and can develop the could be a good situation.