Lions LB Larry Foote Happy To Be "Home"

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by 86WARD, May 7, 2009.

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    The Detroit Lions' decision to not take a middle linebacker in the first two rounds of the draft was met with surprise and angst from fans. Another Lions fan, Larry Foote, watched the draft with great interest because he knew his days with the Pittsburgh Steelers were numbered. Foote, who went to high school in Detroit and played at Michigan, always had wanted to return to play for the hometown Lions. "I'm just glad to be part of turning this thing around, just as a competitor and thinking about the reward," Foote said. "If I can be part of this organization when they turn it around, the reward is going to be so much greater."

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    i am kinda happy for him....good for him, its not a knock on him that timmons is a freak
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    Yea, good for him.

    Good stuff.
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    I cant wait for this season now. I hope im not drinkin the koolaid.
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    Drink it up brah! You deserve it after last year... the gravy train is all uphill from here. :icon_wink:
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    Well we should be able to get off on the right Foote...... (crickets) I know that was lame I just couldnt help myself.
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    and we will love him until the day he misses his 1st tackle