Lions RB Kevin Jones Treats Injury With Heat Acupuncture

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    In the off-season, maybe three days a week, Lions running back Kevin Jones would drive to Saline to see someone about his injured foot. He wasn't going to a high-tech treatment center; he was going to an Asian man's basement. This wasn't state-of-the-art; this was martial arts. Jones would lie on an examining table. The man would say a prayer, then hold his hands over a little box. The box contained a flame. The man would absorb the heat in his hands, then put his hands on Jones' foot and project the heat to the injured area, laser-like. Swelling and pain would subside. Heat acupuncture. Sound strange? Well, it sounded strange to Jones, too, at first. But he was injured, and he did what he had to do. And now he swears by it. "It's not conventional or traditional," Jones said with a laugh Monday, after going through conventional and traditional rehab at Lions headquarters. "I just was willing to try kind of like anything because I was, you know, hurting. ... That's one of the reasons why my recovery is speeding up so good."

    Source: Nicholas J. Cotsonika, Detriot Free Press
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    did he pull the ailment out as a jumbo shrimp dipped in some red sauce too?
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    I still think he won't play this year.
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    bell will be number one back in detroit wonder if he has any remedies for that
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    Nope, He'll be starting before the season is over. They need KJ BAD!!!!
  6. Like most years the lions will be signing RB's off the street about 1/2 through the season due to injuries.....expect this it happen at LB and CB as well. Hopefully KJ will be able to stay healthy when ever he comes back.
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    mr myagi i thought he had passe3d