Lions Sign OT George Foster, C Dylan Gandy

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by Weezy, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Weezy

    Weezy Ice Cold

    what the heck why the hell do they keep resigning false start foster he blows not just blows he sucks so bad that jenna jamison had to take notes
  2. lionheart?

    lionheart? StafFORD=Franchise

    Absolutely terrible, I just dont get it sometimes.
  3. theeraser21

    theeraser21 u r a slapdick

    Glad Gandy got a job, he looked like he would be the Colts starting job, until he did not make the Colts roster two season's ago
  4. theeraser21

    theeraser21 u r a slapdick

    Gandy plays guard mostly