Longtime NFL Coach Don Coryell Dead At 85

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    Longtime NFL coach Don Coryell passed away Thursday at age 85. One of the most innovative offensive minds of all time, Coryell gave birth to a "coaching tree" rivaled only by Walsh, Bill Parcells, and Mike Holmgren in league history. Though his all-time record as head coach of the mid-70s Cardinals and late-70s to mid-80s Chargers wasn't staggeringly impressive (72-60), the aggressive, vertical-based, "Air" Coryell offense was years before its time. Coryell had direct influence on such modern-era coaches as Mike Martz, Joe Gibbs, Norv Turner, Dan Henning, and Al Saunders. Coryell had been ill for months and passed due to complications from pneumonia.

    Source: San Diego 10News.com
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  2. R.I.P. "Air Coryell"

    The father of the modern day passing game...
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    damn shame he didn't make it to the HOF this last time
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    I didn't realize he never made it. Total shame.

    :tombstone: Don.
  5. I think it's bullcrap he hasn't been inducted yet.

    Who cares if he didn't win a championship.

    His impact on the game still lives on with his aggressive...air it out style of offensive that some teams still employ.

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    It's definitely B/S that he's not in the Hall. You can't tell the story of the NFL without him. He was a great influence to the passing game. He was a big influence on some major coaches as well. I think he made the Chargers Hall of Fame...

    That team was one of my favorites to watch. Dan Fouts, Chuck Muncie, Charlie Joyner, Kellen Winslow, Rolf Benirschke...

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    RIP. The Innovator.
  8. :word:

    John Jefferson, Lionel "Little "Train" James, James Brooks...list goes on and on

    Fouts credited Croyell by saying he wouldn't have made the Hall of Fame without Don.
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    Man should be a HOFer

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    Growing up, I always made it a point to watch the Crargers play when Coryell was head coach because I knew the games would always be exciting to watch.