Lovie Smith has Jeff Tedford on tap to be his OC...

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Walnuts, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Walnuts

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    Good move to complement Lovie's defensive leanings. Tedford is someone who I've always wondered why he never gets any NFL shots (Cal homer disclaimer). Good offensive mind who has done some amazing things with quarterbacks over the years...If they team up I really look forward to seeing what Tedford can do in the NFL.

  2. Steve12

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    Wherever he goes he's going to need some big time help with his offense. He never found the right guy to do it in Chicago.
  3. Lddbck

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    "Tedford helped develop quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Akili Smith and Kyle Boller." Most those names on that list are not much to brag on. Norv Turner would be higher on my list.
  4. 86WARD

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    I think he gets a shot in Tampa. The Bucs need to bring in an established name both at GM and Head Coach. I can't see their fan base accepting another situation like the Schiano one...
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  5. Walnuts

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    All those guys were incredible quarterbacks in college under Tedfords tutelage, and with one very notable exception, didn't do much once they left the Tedford umbrella, which to me indicates that Tedford was able to elevate their level of play above their level of talent. While he's unproven in the NFL, he's got a stellar track record of developing quarterbacks at the college level, getting high levels of play out of questionable talent at the position on a consistent basis, and doing so with a wide range of styles of play, mechanics, etc. I look forward to seeing if he can continue it at the next level.
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