Mike Shanahan Won't Guarantee Donovan McNabb Will Return In 2011

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  1. Head Coach Mike Shanahan revealed Friday that he has informed quarterback Donovan McNabb that there is no guarantee McNabb will be a Redskin in 2011. McNabb was benched in favor of Rex Grossman at Dallas on Sunday. NFL Network's Jason La Canfora hears that guys in the locker room are extremely pissed about McNabb being benched in favor of Grossman. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter says, "It's obvious that Donovan McNabb will not be in Washington beyond this season. The Washington Redskins' marriage with Donovan McNabb is over. It's over." When asked for comment, McNabb replied: "No, no, no!" Shanahan on the decision: "I think Rex deserves the right to show us what he can do." Kyle (Shanahan) had no idea I was going to do it." Shanahan also added that the decision to bench McNabb is all about getting knocked out of playoff contention. On why he waited until Friday: "I knew this was going to be a circus," Shanahan said. Shanahan on whether this stunts McNabb's growth: "Is it going to stop his growth? Yeah, three game's worth." Shanahan revealed that McNabb will be the third QB for the Jacksonville and New York Giant games and John Beck will be the backup for those. "I want to see John Beck," Shanahan said. "John Beck has been exceptional in practice. I want to see him in No. 2 role."

    Source: Rich Campbell: Twitter.com
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  2. It's official.....he's officially gone off the deep end. Now he's basically saying that McNabb is no better than John Beck by making him the #3 QB.

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    Omen, do you still want him to come coach the Cowboys?
  4. Bigger flop:

    Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb or Mike Shanahan?
  5. ragman

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    Whoever gets paid the most money per year is the biggest flop, IMO.
  6. I think you can make an argument for all three.....they all suck.

    But Grossman sucks even more. I wouldn't be surprised if Shanahan is a one-and-done after this fiasco.
  7. ragman

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    It amazes me how Snyder keeps throwing stuff on the wall in hopes that it will stick.
  8. Article updated.....added a couple of nuggets to the article.

    Pro Football Talk

    And Shanahan will say next that his crap doesn't stink and he can win a Super Bowl without John Elway and Terrell Davis.
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    Geez....well, Minnesota or San Francisco will have Mc5 next year....
  10. this is ludicrous. Not to mention EVERYONE in the locker room is against it. Idc how good Beck looks in practice screw that. Mcnabb is still a good QB and deserves to start. They need to get some better players on offense. I completely agree that Shanahan is using Mcnabb as a scapegoat and it's insane.
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    Can I write Dan Snyder on my ballot and then spit on it?
  12. Go right ahead sir......:peace:
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    I don't think I ever said I wanted Mikey......I just don't want Gruden
  14. Beavis and Butt-head could manage that team better......or something.

  15. the media seems to be blaming Kyle Shan for everything.
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    i need a brakos facepalm for the redskins season ..............
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    Yes!! Yes!! YES!!!!

    Once again, people want to blame everyone but McNabb for McNabb's woes. I look foward to the day when people will finally see him for the fraud that he is. At least the Shanahans now know what I've always known.
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  18. phiglesphan

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    I find it hilarous that McNabb haters and non skin fan supporters both seem to be happy about this.
  19. 86WARD

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    Arizona or Minnesota. I'm sure Larry Fitzgerald will be working McNabb hard in the offseason to choose Arizona if they want him.
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    i think Minnesota would be the logical team ....poor little Dammy Snyder just gave all that money away for no reason and there is no way the Redskins can get off from under that contract.