Mike Shanahan Won't Guarantee Donovan McNabb Will Return In 2011

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by BigBlueBruiser, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Dude.. Your man crush for 5 is just sick. Do yourself a favor and pick another hero.
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    And miss out on all the "suck it's" and "I told you so's" that I will rain down upon this board if he gets signed to a decent team next year? No thanks.
    My fandom is no less sick or obsessive as the hate from his detractors. Only difference is I have 11 years of proof that I'm right
  3. Any loss hurts but I say the Eagles' loss to the Bears could be more costly than their loss to the Redskins since the Bears are also very thick in the playoff hunt. The Giants however did beat the Bears and more decisively than the 17-3 final score.

    That loss is also the reason why the Eagles can't clinch a playoff spot this weekend, win or lose.
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    Not sure which mathmatically would make a bigger difference but having one more divisional win certainly couldn't hurt.
  5. he traded him to a rival because the Redskins have very little talent. That's why Reid didn't mind trading him there.
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    Why are we even still discussing that old, washed up 3rd stringer who won't even see the field anymore this season? We should really spend our time discussing players who actually are playing. :laughy21:
  7. :icon_rolleyes: you and I both know Mcnabb is better than a 3rd string washed up QB.
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    Your feeding the troll
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    He may be better than the average 3rd string QB in the NFL, but he is what he is and that's the Washington Redskins 3rd stringer.

    In terms of an NFL starter and compared to how he played in his prime, he is washed up though. He hasn't been the same since he tore up his knee.
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    I can't help it that you can't face reality.

    McNabb's career reminds me of Bernie Kosar. Pretty good into his early 30s and from out of nowhere, *boom* -- done. Like this situation, a lot of people in Cleveland were also in denial and blamed Bill Belichick for everything and deemed him to be a terrible coach. We all know how wrong they were.

    McNabb is done.
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    They wont blame him until we have him, then everyone is gonna want to talk crap about since he is with Minnesota, watch....if we get him I guarentee that is when it will happen.
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    How is it so hard for you to comprehend that McNabb and his 125 yards passing, 1/1 TD-INT ratio, and 60.2 QB rating was not the reason we lost that game?

    I don't really need to ask that question because I already know why. In your mind,

    [​IMG] = [​IMG]
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    He did enough to win. Just like he did enough to win as an Eagle more then any other QB in the history of the team. That's enough for my respect alone. Shame it's not enough for yours.
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    :rollinglaugh: :rollinglaugh:
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    We look at it differently.

    I see McNabb being the reason we didn't win a Super Bowl, while you look at it as he is the reason we were as good as we were.

    This team was built to go the distance in the middle of the last decade. Top 5 defense, one of the best o-lines in the game, arguably the most versatile back in the game... all we needed was a competent QB to run the offense. Luckily we had that, and more.

    We just didn't have one that could play in pressure situations. And it cost us a ridiculous amount of opportunities ranging from losses in NFCCGs and the SB.

    Not putting all of the losses on him, mind you. But if we had a better pressure player at QB back there, that trophy case might have a Lombardi in it by now.

    Oh, did you miss the practice where coached talked about football being a 'team game'? You give all the props to McNabb when clearly Torain's big day and the Skins defense were the deciding factors in the win.

    But typical for you to think all the glory belongs with Donovan.
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    I wish I could rep that. I hope others do. Well said and it is pretty much exactly how I feel.
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    I actually agree with alot of what you said but I have also seen McNabb win many pressure games. Just 1 NFCC and zero SBs but PLENTY of pressure games. I do agree it's a team game and McNabb doesn't deserve all the glory but I'm just counterbalancing you and your ilk who always blame him. The truth is somewhere in between.
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    Never a mistake I would make. Donovan McNabb is real.
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    Real bad.