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  1. markaz

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    Name the movie and an obvious mistake that was done in the editing room. I'll start:

    Expendable 2 :

    Billy the Kid takes Barney outside for a talk. Billy tells Barney one more month then he's gonna quit the team. Barney tells him to go inside to refresh his beer. Billy walks inside the bar. Next shot has Barney getting on his bike and shows Billy outside and just starting to enter the bar. Ooooops.
  2. 86WARD

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    THis one has always made me laugh...

    When the stormtroopers break into the control room, the stormtrooper on the right of the screen hits his head on the door frame. On the DVD release they've added a thump when he hits it.

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  3. Buck Fenson

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    Zombieland. During the end of the show at the amusement park killfest, Emma Stone calls Woody Florida and not Tallahassee, and Jessie Ohio and not Columbus after calling them that all show. To be fair, they shot the ending first and it was the first time the actors were together.

    Firestarter. When Drew Barrymore went all pyro on the agents and sent fireballs at them you could see the wire holding the ball.
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    Never knew of that one.:ROTFLMAO:
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  6. markaz

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    For me, the biggest goof occurred in Twister.

    While avoiding being sucked up by a tornado, Billy's truck windshield get smashed by a combine's arm
    Minutes later (before they went through the house) the windshield apparently repaired itself.
  7. ragman

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    While I can't confirm this, I've heard that in the film The Alamo with John Wayne, if you look real close, you can see that a couple of Mexicans are wearing Nikes as they are running.
  8. Diesel44

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    in one of the battle scenes in gladiator,you can see that one of the carriages is running on propane,not horses.
  9. Diesel44

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    nikes were not around then were they? i am told however that throughout the movie you can see tire tracks and mobile homes in some of the shots.
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  11. LebaneseFF

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    I know of a few but the one I remember is Cool Runnings. The Jamaican Bobsled team movie

    At one point they are pushing a Sled which is supposed to be unpainted but it's painted. the next minute it's back to the unpainted one :)
  12. markaz

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  13. markaz

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    Amazing the stuff you miss while watching movies, esp for the first.
  14. ragman

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    While on the subject of the 1960 movie The Alamo, I've heard it said that if you look closely, you can see that someone is wearing a wrist watch.

    This movie has a number of historical inaccuracies and continuity issues. If you want to see a list of them, go here:
  15. lambertjr

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    Stripes- Bill Murrays character is attempting to leave boot camp when the character played by Harold Ramis catches him. They wrestle around and in almost every scene change the bag that Bill is carrying is in a different place (beside Bill, under his arm, under his head, etc.)
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    I Know that pouring his own money and directing the movie damn near gave jhn wayne a heart attack and put him in the was still a lot better than that turd remake in the 1990s with jason patric and billy bob thorton.
  17. DaBears22

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    Braveheart - in one of the battles where the two sides charge each other, Gibson can be seen carrying his sword and then the next shot it's sheathed behind his back, then its back in his hands. Something like that.
  18. markaz

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    I remember that one. Definitely a WTF?.