New England Patriots QB Tom Brady says Denver Broncos were pretty 'flawless' in AFC Championship Gam

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    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said Monday morning that "it would have taken a great effort by our team" to beat the Denver Broncos in Sunday's AFC Championship Game and "we just came up short."

    "Denver played a really good game," Brady said Monday during his weekly radio appearance on Boston sports station WEEI. "They were pretty flawless. ... We couldn't force them into making any bad plays on either side of the ball."

    Brady acknowledged that several factors affected the outcome of the game, including missed opportunities on his part, but gave credit to the Broncos.

    "It's unfortunate for our season to come to an end like this, but I would say Denver earned it," he said. "They played a lot better than we did yesterday."

    Brady took responsibility for an overthrow to an open Julian Edelman streaking toward the end zone during the first half that would have given New England some key points, as well as momentum.

    "That's one I think about that impacted the outcome of the game from my standpoint," Brady said. "I need to hit that throw. That's a throw I'm capable of making and I make nine out of 10 times, but I didn't make it yesterday.

    Source: ESPN Boston
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    Brady is right. Denver won every aspect of that game. They pushed the pats around at will.
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    Yea it wasn't even as close as the score shows. The Broncos dominated the whole thing.

    Brady had a pretty bad game. A few bad overthrows, and taking a bad sack on 4th and 2.
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    the Broncos won every aspect of the game