New Orleans Saints Hold Black And Gold Scrimmage

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    The New Orleans Saints held their first and only intrasquad contest of 2014 training camp, known as the Black and Gold scrimmage on Saturday morning, six days in advance of their opening preseason game at St. Louis. The scrimmage did not resemble a true NFL game simulation, rather a more controlled setting with scaled-back tackling, no sacks allowed, and some scripted situations mixed into the action. There was, however, a running clock with referees enforcing all rules. The atmosphere in camp has been sizzling in spite of the cool West Virginia conditions, as several scuffles have emerged in the morning sessions, mostly in team drills. […]

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    love the chippy attitude from both the offense and defense. both front lines need to be nasty this season. Stills injury, while not serious now, kinda bugs me on the level of can it come back later in the season during the most inopportune time, ie playoff run, or can it completely heal by just rest. If so, then let him rest that leg. Can't wait to see how JJ is going to be at NT after his rookie season. He had a pretty good game against the Hawks.