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Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by masteratarms1988, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Daddy Primetime42

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    NO you guys just welcomed him to ninerdom unless i miss read the thread. So that means he is a niners fan im sure once they start losing which is probably next week hell go back to being a panther fan. Dont hate me cuz im right.

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    Of course thats what i meant i would call you something stupid but i might get flagged. But yes Back in the old NFC WEST days when they owned the niners when they first came into the league. Kerry Collins, Buerlein, Rae Carruth days to be exact. Your right there are raider fans who couldnt name one player but atleast there loyal. :icon_cheesygrin:
  2. Sweets

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    I welcomed him, but I guess when one fan welcomes a fan that jumped from another team it means it means the whole 49er fan base welcomed him, I don't hate you cuz you're right, I hate you cause you believe you make sense. :rolleyes:
  3. Omen

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    ok dude what ever you say............back in the day hahahahaha just too funny back then it was more of a dallas niner rivalry.......but i wont argue bc it is piontless as i can see....Loyal and dumb huh
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  5. DoubleC

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    Sweets welcomed him. And Sweets doesn't represent every Niner fan in here.

    No. I don't welcome him. To me, jumping from a team to another, that's sissyness.

    But I guess no ones really gives a crap so let's not make this deal bigger than it is.
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  6. Mike

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    a true fan sticks with his/her team thru anything
  7. Crowned

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  8. Ouch... I was just saying that I am very upset with the Panthers organization, and Jake Delhomme is killing me... I'm pretty sure in my first post I said that I was still a Panthers fan... I actually have never like jake Delhomme... Even when he was supossedly good... Why can't I like the 49'ers, and the Panthers... Hell I'll even say that I'm a fan of the Texans... I really don't think that qualifies me as a bandwagon fan... If you think I should be banned for liking more than 1 team then I guess I joined the wrong forums...
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    Masteratarms, don't worry about the banning you have done nothing wrong to warrant it. Some of our members are very passionate about their teams is I said welcome to the 49er
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    You can't get banned for switching teams...
  11. Did I phrase something wrong... I haven't jumped ship... Why can't I be a Panthers fan and a 49'ers fan? I don't see why rooting for 2 teams is such a big deal... I liked the 49'ers before Carolina even had a team... Sorry fror pissing some of ya'll off, but I really don't see what the damn problem is...
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  12. ball in the baskett

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    lol never i bleed green

    Idk i think if a game makes you not like your team anymore then the person wasent a real fan. We could go 0-16 i will still try to find something good to say about the eagles lol.

    My hate for players changes from week to week doesent mean im gonna root for another team.

    Its all about the wings on the helmet
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    What's the big deal, damn...he said he likes both teams, so he likes both teams I mean it's not like it's going to start a world war..let it go people sheesh.
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    welcome aboard...come check out my 49er photography page on facebook...see link under my sig...
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    I'm a Falcons fan and somewhat of a Jags fan. Of course I'm a Falcons fan first and a Jags fan second.
  16. CaptainStubing

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    I have 100% support for what masterarms is doing and this is the reason i don't necessarily have a particular team.

    i completely respect someone being honest and admitting that their franchise is screwed up and refusing to cheer for something that is obviously screwed up.

    sports are for entertainment purposes and if someone doesn't find bad management or bad players or thugs entertaining, then i respect them for not being so loyal to a fault that they will keep cheering for that team just because of the color of their jersey. he's obviously a fan of the SPORT if he is trying to find another team to support. Most fans of bad teams just stop following the sport altogether, which is very lame.
  17. SweetShot03

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    ya I see more people jumping on the Browns band wagon then the lions......

    I wish we had bandwagon fans...... I would at least have someone to talk to for an undisclosed amount of time...... then I am alone again.

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    I am a lions fan always through thick,...... and well thick with a sign of less thickening....

    but I am a fan of the Saints and the Falcons.....
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