Newly Signed Giants QB Josh Freeman Still Views Himself As A Starting QB

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    Nothing went right for quarterback Josh Freeman last season. Not with the Bucs and their former coach Greg Schiano, not with the Vikings and especially not in his Week 7 start on Monday Night Football against the Giants.

    "An awful game," Freeman said Tuesday to describe his performance that evening against the team that now serves as his employer.

    Freeman went an abysmal 20-of-53 passing for 190 yards with an interception two weeks after signing with the Vikings. It was his first and only start for Minnesota.

    "Looking back, maybe not as prepared as I'd like to have been for the situation, or as much as I thought going into the situation," Freeman said. "But like anything in your past, it's an experience to learn from."

    Freeman, 26, agreed to join the Giants last week on a one-year deal worth $795,000. The deal only contains $55,000 guaranteed.

    Source: Newark Star Ledger
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    Giants released Freeman this afternoon...
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    glad to see that at least one person sees Freeman as a starting qb.
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    So I guess he didn't win the job?