NFL Could See London Team 'By The End Of The Decade'

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    NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood revealed he was in negotiations over staging three regular-season games in London in 2014, with this year two being held for the first time, Ben Rumsby of the Daily Telegraph .

    On Sunday Wembley hosts the first of them when the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Minnesota Vikings, before the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the San Francisco 49ers there on Oct 27.

    The success of the NFL’s decision to allow matches to be played in London has led to calls for the city to host its own permanent franchise and Kirkwood said: “It’s possible that it could be done before the end of the decade.â€

    However, he warned that 24 of the 32 current NFL owners would have to agree any such move, adding: “I think the league should have aspirations to be global and having a London franchise would be a great step towards it, but it would have to be under certain conditions.â€

    One of those conditions would be “tripling†the UK fan base for American football, according to Kirkwood, who said a London franchise was not inevitable.

    Having signed a four-year deal to play one home game in London until 2016, the Jaguars look the most likely candidate to move – particularly after owner Shahid Khan bought Premier League club Fulham.

    Source: The Redzone
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    It's the NATIONAL Football League, not the WFL. SAY NO TO NFL London!
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    You guys should at least ask for a premier league team in return. I'd cross the border to go see ManU once a year

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    Chaka khan wants it to be the London jaguars
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    They took our terrrrrrms
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    Give up Goodell!
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    all the owners in the nfl are billionaires,and billionaires got there by taking chances and making money. Goodell just does what they tell him too. he is a pr**k,but he is just an amateur pr**k compared to the owners!
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    I say let them bring back NFL Europe before you force teams to travel to London.

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