NFL Fact Or Fiction: RG3, 49ers Vs Saints, Brady Vs Manning, Cam Newton, Jim Schwartz

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    Welcome to the Week 12 edition of NFL Fact or Fiction everyone! This week we discuss: RG3's leadership, the big penalty on Ahmad Brooks against the Saints, the NFL's greatest QB rivalry, Cam Newton's coming of age and the hilarity that was Jim Schwartz last week. And of course, your classic NFL moment of the week!

    Time to get up and celebrate, NFL Fact or Fiction is back!

    Hello again NFL fans, I am SteveRobWhatever, your MC for this weekly column on the site. RichLikeWh0a, Omen and myself have been able to bust out a couple of these for you now and I hope the readers are enjoying what we bring to you each week. I'd like to open this week's column up to illicit some constructive criticism from you. What do you like about the column so far? What can we improve on? We'd really love your feedback to make sure we bring you something you will enjoy each week. Let us know people!

    So onto the gridiron then! First off, let's take a look at the top plays of the week around the NFL last week:

    [ame=""]Week 11: Top 10 Performance Moments - NFL Videos[/ame]

    We have some really big match-ups coming up this week to enjoy. Here are the must-watch games on my list this weekend and why:

    Broncos vs. Patriots
    Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. Two AFC powers going at it on a prime-time stage. This is by far the biggest matchup on the schedule and it's going to draw some big numbers for NBC. The Broncos are coming off a win over the previously unbeaten Chiefs while the Patriots lost on the road against a white-hot Panthers team. A win here by the Broncos will give them a huge leg up on home-field advantage in the playoffs. This should be a fun one that the nation's eyes will be focused on this coming Sunday Night.

    Steelers vs. Browns
    This pretty much is a playoff game for both teams. They both come into the game at 4-6, with the Bengals ahead of the pack at 7-3. If any of these two teams are going to make a push, it has to start this week. The Steelers were given a second life last week thanks to a bad play call by Detroit that completely changed the momentum of the game. The Browns are reeling, having gone 1-4 in their last five. It's an old school AFC Central grudge match, and I am excited to see the matchup between Big Ben and the Browns defense, which has shown signs this year.

    Colts vs. Cardinals
    The Colts have been a funny team this year. They have looked great on the road in a blowout loss over the 49ers, then fell on their faces at home against the Rams. Despite their ups and downs, they find themselves at 7-3 and in front of the AFC South. This week they get a dangerous Cardinals team who has won three straight and are positioning themselves for a run at the playoffs. This game will tell us a lot about both teams.

    49ers vs. Redskins
    This game is a must win for the 49ers who lost last week in New Orleans to drop to 6-4, making the NFC West title a major endeavor. A loss here against the Redskins woould really damage the defending NFC Champs and maybe put them at risk on missing the playoffs outright. Meanwhile the Redskins still have some life in the weak NFC East, but they need a win starting this week. Another loss and it's time to start playing some young guys and looking forward to the draft.

    Cowboys vs. Giants
    A classic NFC East grudge match. The Giants have slowly clawed their way back to the division race, while the Cowboys have bumbled and stumbled their way into letting that happen. A loss here by Dallas would make this a very tight three team race heading down the stretch. Dallas needs a big win against a division foe for their own morale, and the Giants can't afford losses thanks to the hole they dug for themselves early on. This game will be intense, and hopefully it's decided late.​

    Hopefully these games live up to the expectations. Last week was another roller coaster with many story lines coming out of those game's conclusions. Let's bring in our resident experts in for this week's Fact of Fictions. And please, feel free to play along in the comments folks, we want to get your opinions too!

    Fact or Fiction: Week 12 Edition

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    1. Any questions about Robert Griffin's leadership are unfounded. The controversial quote from this past week was taken out of context and the media is making more of it than it should be.

    RichLikeWh0a: Fiction - I was closer to fact prior to Moss speaking up, but when someone like Moss makes a comment, you kind of have to take notice. I think RG3 is probably a locker room leader and all that, but I don't think he encompasses leadership. Between his father (which he should control, by the way) and himself, they've made a lot of noise about the coach. Right, wrong, or otherwise, I feel there are better ways to go about it, if you want to be considered a true "leader." That being said, I don't mind him doing it, because I'm all for athletes being who they are.

    Omen: Fiction - Although I believe that he is the the leader of his team. I do not think that his comments were taken out of context. He needs to learn what and where he can say to the media. ​

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    2. The 49ers and Saints game was decided on a last-second field goal, but the turning point of the game was the Ahmad Brook penalty on Drew Brees. Many feel the officials made the wrong call and that Brees got the 'star treatment' in getting a questionable call to go in his team's favor. That should not be a penalty.

    RichLikeWh0a: Fact - Look, it was a dangerous hit. He probably did hit him a little high. But realistically, you have to stop taking the defense out of the game. Stop punishing them for doing their job. It's a dangerous game and that's accepted by everybody when they sign that contract. Either don't play, or deal with it. I know that's easy for me to say, being I don't have to deal with it, but I'd rather see the game of football go away entirely than watch what it's becoming. And I'm not even somebody that was around in the "old days."

    Omen: Fact - Brooks hit on Drew was as legal as you can get. The referees can make a judgement on how bad it looked it how violently his neck whiplashed back and forth. Brooks did not target the head or neck. After watching this clip various times he is trying to wrap his arms around Drew's upper torso. The fact that Brees is a shorter QB made it look like the defender was targeting the head and neck area. The officials got it wrong and they changed the while dynamic and momentum of the game. ​

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    3. This week we have Brady vs Manning facing off for the 14th time in their careers. This has been the NFL's best QB rivalry in history, easily surpassing Elway vs Marino and Bradshaw vs Staubach.

    RichLikeWh0a: Fiction - And I say fiction primarily because it's such a one-sided rivalry in head to head games. Brady has dominated Peyton head to head and it really isn't even close. If it were more competitive, it'd certainly be up there. Frankly, I don't even consider it a rivalry, from a head to head standpoint.

    Omen: Fiction - The Brady vs Manning series will easily go down in NFL history as one of the best. They will surpass the Marino vs Elway because of I'm not mistaken they only played Twice against each other. With Elway winning both times. Roger Dodger and Terry Bradshaw played against each other on the ultimate stage in the NFL the Super Bowl twice (Super Bowl X and XIII). You can't top that. In this case less is more for the these QB showdowns. ​

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    4. Cam Newton had amazing Monday Night, out-dueling the legend Tom Brady and propelling his team to their sixth straight win of the season. This year he's proven that he is a franchise QB and that he's ready to lead this team to the next level.

    RichLikeWh0a: Fact - He's not a traditional franchise QB by any means, but one nonetheless. Cam Newton is capable of a lot of good things and looks like he likely will be for many years to come, provided he keeps his crap together mentally. The question is if they'll ever give him some more offensive weapons to work with (at this point, I don't consider there 3 headed rushing attack a weapon and Steve Smith is the only notable pass catcher I can think of...not to say there isn't one I'm not aware of, but I doubt it).

    Omen: Fact - Cam Newton has shown he is evolving and learning every season that passes. He is showing that he is not just a gimmick quarterback and can only run the spread offense. He's showing to be effective in the pocket. Each year his QB rating is improving, his first year it was 84.5 with 21 to 17 touchdown ratio. This year through week 12 his rating is 91.8 with 16 to 8 touchdown ratio. Clearly his stats show the improvement in his game. ​

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    5. Jim Schwartz has been catching some serious heat for his call to run a fake field goal against the Steelers. The play resulted in a fumble that changed the entire momentum of the game. Many feel it's where the Lions lost the game. Schwartz continues to defend his decision but what would you expect from a bush league coach who is in way over his head?

    RichLikeWh0a: Fiction - I'll never fault a coach for taking a risk. As a spectator, it's kind of crapty to me to know every single time "oh it's 4th and 2, they're going to punt (or field goal)." I'd like to see more risks taken, more surprises out there. It flavors the game up and can certainly make it more interesting. Sure, teams might lose games they "shouldn't" because of it sometimes, but they'll sure win some they "shouldn't" because of it too.

    Omen: Fiction - I don't see this as bush league at all. You win some you lose some. This play had 50 percent chance of working and making Schwartz look like a genius. If this would have worked the media and fans would be talking about his football acumen to see what others don't during a game. But this play went the other way and now we're talking about him being bush league. ​

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    The guys went 5 for 5 in agreeing this week. Thanks guys for another week of your insight to the league where they play for pay. So now we turn it over to our readers, what do you think? Please comment below and let us know your take on this week's Fact or Fiction.

    I leave you now with the Classic NFL moment of the week, enjoy!
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    Re: Fact Or Fiction: RG3, 49ers Vs Saints, Brady Vs Manning, Cam Newton, Jim Schwartz

    Have these guys ever disagreed on anything? Lol.

    This column is great though. You do a fantastic job putting it together srw.
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    Yes we have

    But great minds think alike

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    Put 2 cowboys fans in a room and you are bound to get a lot of the same answers.
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    put ragman and any other cowboys fan on this site in a room and see how that turns out
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    I'm not going to say who is right or who is wrong but if you hit QBs like Brady, Brees, Peyton Manning, or Aaron Rodgers near the neck area, the chances of the referee throwing the flag are very good. Yes, it sucks that the 49ers didn't get a similar call earlier in the game but the refs pick and choose what QBs they throw a flag for. Anyone who says Brady, Brees, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers don't get special treatment is lying to them self.

    Yes, I think Jim Schwartz is a douche bag of a coach but ANY call a head coach makes is a risky one. IF the Lions would have atleast gotten the 1st down on that fake FG, Schwartz would look like a genius. Seeing the the fake FG didn't work, that made Schwartz look like the biggest moron in the stadium.
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    that callagainst the 49ers on breese was total bullcrap! should not have fined the kid cause it was a legitimate hit! total bullcrap call!
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    what does he call this? the tsunami?:icon_smile:
  9. Buck Fenson

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    On the hit on Brees, change the rule then. He hit him in the neck area. I have seen hits that start at the chest area and end up on the neck and it was called a penalty. The hit on Kap should have been called also.
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    What's that supposed to mean?:icon_rolleyes:

    You and another person need to get together and compare notes. I'm angry at both of you.
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    no one freaking cares.
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    I care and that's all that matters. Maybe I need to teach you a lesson in the FC just like I taught your buddy.:icon_twisted:
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    lol simple jack
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    I know what your problem with me is anyway. Your problem with me started with me having the audacity to say negative things about the Cowboys. Isn't that the truth? Deny it.