NFL Fans Should Boycott The Draft If There Is No Labor Peace.

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by happ, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. happ

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    Has anybody heard of an organized movement for the fans to show their displeasure of the impending lockout? I'd like to see an organized movement to boycott the televised draft. Imagine what a wake up call that would be to both sides that the people that pay for their product are fed up. Am I only dreaming, or is something like this possible?
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  3. happ

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    I've seen no hashtags on twitter or any real movement. Thanks for that link, SteveRobWhatever. I made a hashtag on twitter #BoycottTheNFLDraft. It would be so cool if it took off and the NFL actually saw the fans organized and hurting their bottom line over all this.
  4. codatious99

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    ya and ill let my espn/nfl had channeles go to waste..... ya right. if you boycott watching the draft chances are your the guy missing heated division games all year.

    i dont pay for direct tv for nothing. i want my nfl tv yo. period. and if you miss your teams game your a cat haha
  5. themush

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    Yeah that'll teach'em.
  6. 86WARD

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    meh...I'll still watch but I can appreciate a good
  7. andy82

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    I'm up for protesting...against the Draft being on Thursday. Freaking hate it.
  8. misfitz

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    miss the draft? NO WAY IN HELL! i love the draft
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    this times infinity. :banghead:
  10. MediaGuy

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    With no CBA the draft will be boring. Current players can not be traded. No Block Busters. Yawn!!!
  11. 86WARD

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    Future considerations!!!
  12. Litez0ut

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    Never I actually wanna get more info on how to attend.
  13. MediaGuy

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    3 time Super Bowl man here. Would also love to attend the draft. Research shows that it is first come first served. You will stand in line like all the Jets and Giants fans in New York. I like to have all my ducks in order when traveling. Air fare, Hotel, tickets to event. 2 out of 3 is paid for. Getting into the Draft is a lottery, hence I have not gone. Still trying, but I think the Pro Bowl in Hawaii is my next best option.
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    Pro-Bowl in Hawaii >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Draft in NY.
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    I'm surprised they haven't cashed in and haven't moved the draft to an arena like MSG. Hype it up a bit, sell some tickets and they could give themselves a sweet earner in the offseason.
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    Today 07:26 PM - permalinkJ-Man
    Okay, People. I'm in for a fan boycott. I mean are these folks for real. Millions of dollars provided by us fans and they don't get it. Cut off all the funding mechanisms and see how they bicker over no money. The owners & players could earn millions less creating funds for medical & retirement plans. And, paying unproven untested athletes millions fresh out of college has become absurd. Its time for us fans to say the "buck" literally "stops here". Cut off all the funding mechanisms, no games, sports apparel, etc. and see how they bicker of no money. There is plenty of high quality college sports for our viewing entertainment.
  17. Walnuts

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    Yeah good luck with that.