NFL Following Developments In Ben Roethlisberger's Investigation

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  1. Georgia authorities are investigating a 20-year-old college student's allegation that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, 28, sexually assaulted her in a restroom of a nightclub during a night of bar-hopping in Milledgeville, a small town that's home to Georgia College & State University. The National Football League is "following developments" in Roethlisberger's legal situation, a spokesperson said. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a hard line with players who tarnish the league's image, but the league rarely suspends a player unless he is convicted of a crime.

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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    last sentence = win.
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    settlement Ben...settlement.
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    You know that Roger Goodell is just sitting there waiting to suspend him. His mouth is watering waiting to get the chance to suspend him the minute the investigation points out that charges will be pressed
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    I'm sure that's what he's doing...:icon_rolleyes:
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    That's what I'm doing : )
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    Steelers Will "Cut" Big Ben and bring in Vick
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    Dude. Seriously.
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    Yea...just following it closely.