NFL Hopeful Terrelle Pryor Not Interested In CFL, Looking At Supplemental Draft

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    Terrelle Pryor is not interested in playing in the Canadian Football League and is focused on the NFL's supplemental draft, Larry James, his attorney, said Thursday. The Saskatchewan Roughriders own the CFL negotiating rights to Pryor and had extended him a tentative offer. "They sent the package last night, I forwarded it to Terrelle and Terrelle said that he wasn't interested today," James said. Asked if Pryor gave him a reason for his lack of interest in the Roughriders, James said, "He did not go into discussion. He just said he's not interested in the Canadian Football League. Obviously the offer was not sufficient to whet his taste buds." James said he believes Ohio State will provide a letter that will show Pryor would not have been an eligible student athlete moving forward, which should help Pryor in his cause to be eligible for the supplemental draft due to special circumstances. Despite the NFL's labor uncertainty, sources at the NFL told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and's John Clayton that the league believes it can hold a supplemental draft. "If there are players that apply and are deemed eligible, there will be a supplemental draft," a league source told Schefter. The supplemental draft, if needed, would be held sometime in July.

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  2. chiefswin19games

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    Never a starter. Not even a project kick returner.
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    Hope he invested that $40K in an annuity or something.
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    I've never been impressed with him. Why all the fuss about him?
  5. More and more.....I believe Pryor will be a Washington Redskin.

    It's just something they would do for obvious reasons.

    I'd rather start Pryor right away than "WhoTheScrewIs" John Beck and 'Sexy' Rexy Grossman.