's Updated Mock Draft (12/20)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by SRW, Dec 22, 2007.

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    Updated December 20, 2007

  2. Jammin Jaguar

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    Mario Manningham... Hmm, could be a good pick. I'd rather take a DE in round 1 though.
  3. kenny phillips would be perfect
  4. ncnvader

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    I think the expansion teams have attacked this thread. :icon_mrgreen:

    Now if we had a resident Browns fan...
  6. P16

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    LOL, he has us picking a CB with Kenny Phillips still available. Our CB's aren't the problem, them having no help over the top, from literally one of the worst safeties I've ever seen play in the NFL, is. If Phillips is on the board, thats an eeeasy pick.
  7. dolphindude13

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    Don't understand why a lot of the mocks I've seen have the Cowboys taking Felix Jones at RB. Marion Barber is a stud in waiting if they'll get rid of Julius Jones and let him run the show.

    I also have to agree with P16....If Kenny Phillips is still on the board I promise the Cardinals will step all over themselves to pick him.

    I also think the Vikes might look to WR other than taking a DE.

    Other than that it looks pretty good. I was really hoping Limas Sweed would fall to the 1st pick of the 2nd round and the Dolphins but I don't think that's gonna happen.
  8. andy82

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    There's no way we'd take Chris Long whilst having Jake Long still on the board. Then again, with our Front Office......:icon_frown:
  9. mouse

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    I didn't understand that one either.
  10. SRW

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    I am not sure about Limas Sweed for the Titans. Word is his speed is not where it should be for a top pick. I would eventually like to land either him or Adarius Bowman. We need a big WR with a big catch radius who can get some of Vince Young's stray throws and block away defenders with a big body.
  11. Walnuts

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    Didn't you read his reasoning? Draft a CB and move Rolle to FS.

    As far as the 49ers pick goes, I hate the idea of drafting/signing a wideout until we have solidified the qb position. Prove you have someone who can throw the ball before you waste a pick on a WR. We have Vernon, Jackson has been looking a lot better with Hill under center, and Arnaz Battle is not exactly chopped liver. If we had someone to throw to those guys, the WR position would not appear to be as glaring of an issue as it presently does.
    Go for the line on both sides IMO, hit up a qb in the 2nd or 3rd and maybe go for a high-upside smaller school wideout later on.
  12. dolphindude13

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    I didn't catch that either but if that's his reasoning he's an idiot. Rolle is one of the better corners in the league, why would they move him to safety just to draft another corner that won't be as good as Rolle? Doesn't make sense.
  13. SRW

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  14. dolphindude13

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    Ok point taken....I thought Rolle had been playing well since being put back to corner. I'd still take Kenny Phillips imo.
  15. P16

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    Rolle doesn't have the speed or technique to play FS. He might be a good SS, if he added some weight and went to a team that didn't have Wilson. People have brought that up for years, and neither Green or Whisenhunt has seen it as a good idea. Trust me, if Phillips is on the board, the Cardinals will take him. Doesn't really matter much anymore, after this week, the Panthers will probably draft higher.
  16. Walnuts

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    SO, he's not fast enough to play FS, but he's ok at CB? That makes no sense at all.
  17. andy82

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    Aeneas Williams played for us at FS when he lost most of his speed but still did a cracking job, as has a few other old guys along the line for other teams.

    If he can tackle (which if my memory is correct), then I can't see any problem in trying him out in a different position.
  18. P16

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    No, he's not ok at CB. Thats why he was benched.

    Yeah, and Williams was about 500x the cornerback that Rolle is. You're right, he can tackle, that's about the only thing he has going for him, which is why he may make a good SS somewhere after his contract is up with the Cardinals. His 3 INT game this year came in playing a similar role that AW does. Unfortunately, we don't need a SS. So as long as he's with the Cardinals, he'll be the nickel back.
  19. I would love to get Campbell but I wish the Skins could somehow get Chris Long. I watched him when he was at UVA and I have to say hes going to be a freaking beast.
  20. Platoon 86

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    Agreed on that one, he was great.