NFLPA Says New OT Playoff System Must Be Collectively Bargained

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  1. NFL Players Association contends that it should have a say about the new overtime format for postseason games approved by the league Tuesday. George Atallah, the union's assistant executive director for external affairs, said the union believes that the new overtime system must be collectively bargained with the players. An NFL official disputed the union's contention, saying that the sport's collective bargaining agreement only requires the owners to consult with the players on the measure and that was done.

    Washington Post
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    "This is a big freaking deal"
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  3. Alcohol_IV

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    Does the NFLPA just want to fight over every possible thing?
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    ^yes. If they didn't they would become obsolete. Or at least a whole hell of alot less important.
    It reminds me of Al Sharpton and his staff. They HAVE to find things to be offended by and to rail against or they are out of a job
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    hopefully they figure out a way to nix it b/c the new rule is about as goobered as they come...
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  8. Sorry, but no. If they had a leg to stand on, they'd be involved in EVERY rules change. Idiots.