Nike Will Have Exclusive NFL Apparel Rights

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  1. SoDev

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    The NFL announced Tuesday that Nike will be the official uniform provider of the NFL beginning in April 2012. As CNBC reported Monday, Nike will produce all on-field apparel including game uniforms and base layer, as well as sideline personnel apparel and fan gear. As part of the deal presented before NFL ownership Tuesday morning in Chicago, New Era will be the official on-field headwear supplier and will produce hats for the sidelines and for fans. Under Armour will continue to outfit players for the NFL combine. All the deals run for five years. “We have spent considerable time the past few years rigorously evaluating our apparel business,â€￾ said Eric Grubman, the NFL’s executive vice president of NFL Ventures and Business Operations, said in a statement. “The new framework will provide fans with a wider breadth of merchandise from global category leaders in the sports licensed apparel industry.â€￾

  2. DontKnowMe

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    I remember when people were pissed that Reebok got the deal for the last few years.
  3. Mike

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    theres no difference, but im sure people will be happy abou this
  4. SoDev

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    Thanks for the link good stuff there
  6. 86WARD

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    That sucks for Reebok. I'm happy about it. Nike's T-shirts fit much better than Reebok's. Interested to see how "drastic" the jersey change is...
  7. Crowned

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    Nike >>>>> Reebok
  8. SoDev

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    I'll agree that other than a few exceptions Nike>Reebok
  9. Roy31

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    NewEra is the top dog. But NewEra football hats will never surpass Baseball hats. They will never ever look better and that's just a fact. I'm sure the gangsters will have a field day with them though.
  10. PurplePeopleEaters

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    nikes crap blows. american needle>>>>>>>>>new era. reebok vintage>>>>>>>>>new era. flat brim hats are gay.

    whats going to be so drastic? materials? the colleg unis don't look drastically changed.
  11. SoDev

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    This thread is about Nike and Reebok, not hats and new era needle American stuff. Go make a thread in off topic if you want to battle apparel brands.
  12. K Train

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    nike is alot better than reebok imo, i would have been happier with under armour though
  13. Roy31

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    Huh? read the sentences you posted nutsack.
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    He didn't post anything off the topic of the thread. So please keep this thread on topic, which isn't baseball hats and gangsters. And easy on the attacks.
  15. SoDev

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    The thread is about switching from Reebok to Nike.
  16. Omen

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    I prefer Nike over Reebok always I'm stoked
  17. nastynate184

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    it's also about how new era is taking over the hat manufacturing which i think is huge i love new era hats and how they fit
  18. themush

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    If the NCAA uni's Nike has come up with for the most part are any indication, no freaking thank you.
  19. 86WARD

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    Yeah...agree mush. If Nike is in this to "design" the off. I like my Steelers uniforms the way they are. :wink:
  20. Roy31

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    This doesn't really concern Cowboys fans cause they'd never be given permission to alter our Jerseys.