No s**t, Sherlock: Volume One

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    SportsChump Well-Known has a new mascot. His name is Captain Obvious. His pitch in their relatively entertaining, television spots is that using their website to book a vacation is the obvious choice.

    Years ago while hosting Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler hosted a sketch called “Really!?!” in which they crack on current events and ridicule those in the news who had ridicule coming.

    Growing up, we’d just say “No shirt, Sherlock!” whenever somebody would say or do something so obvious it warranted that sort of response. Plus it proved we knew who Sherlock Holmes was.

    Last week in sports, four different tidbits were reported that were so obvious they shouldn’t have surprised a soul in making the news.

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    haaa, thats some good stuff there SC.
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