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    I was never a Kobe guy.

    Heck, I was watching NBA games long before anyone outside the Jellybean Bryant household had ever heard of anything called a Black Mamba.

    I was much more of a Jordan guy. Ultimately, you had to pick a side. Jordan had established himself as the greatest basketball player (arguably) of all-time but not long afterwards, there would come a man who would not rest until he was mentioned in the same breath. Or even be considered, dare I say, better.

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    I also was a Jordan guy. I even took offense when anybody dared to be compared to him.

    Kobe shut me up when he finally won a title without Shaq. That first three-peat, it was all Phil Jackson and Shaq, or so the haters like me said. Then he won another one by his own. Then another one, and I didn't have any more bad things to say about him.

    So yeah...I was never a Kobe fan, but you just hate to see things like that. Especially his little daughet...My God... :(

    RIP Legend. RIP child.
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    I've never been a Kobe guy either even though he was from Philly. I can't say that I'm broken up about his passing like so many seem to be, but it's really sad to see all of these families' lives ruined in a moment.
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