One Contending Team Interested In Trading For Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams

Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by SRW, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said Monday that, to his knowledge, the team isn't looking to make moves before Tuesday's trade deadline.

    Rivera has said since the bye the Panthers are in an evaluation process -- one that has included roster cuts and personnel changes. But he said Carolina isn't actively pursuing the trade market.

    "We've got to sit here and see if somebody does call, but we're not looking to move anybody or send anybody away or try to get anybody out there," Rivera said. "I don't think we have a lot to give in terms of trying to trade for players."

    Running back DeAngelo Williams has been the subject of a potential trade. A team source told the Observer that at least one playoff-contending team has reached out to the Panthers about possibly trading for the back.

    Source: Charlotte Observer
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    That's where my money is
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    As a Panthers fan & a huge DeAngelo fan, I would be very sad to see him leave, but I hope he is traded to Green Bay so that he has a chance to win a Super Bowl ring. The Carolina coaches are terrible & haven't given him any realistic opportunities to succeed with their ridiculous read option plays & very limited playing time.
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    what's he really worth to a team at this point in the season? not only is the season half over but it's very rare that a player can jump onto a roster mid-season and light the world on fire. i think if the panthers get anything more than a 5th or 6th round pick, they should take it.
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    Thing is about the RB though, it's probably one of the easier transitions going from one team to another team.
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    eh, i agree somewhat. if both teams are running the same type of blocking schemes and similar playbooks, the transition can be 'easier'. however, there is chemistry required between a RB and his blockers and he still needs to learn a completely new playbook.

    it's still early and i haven't had enough coffee so maybe someone can cite an example where a running back has been traded mid-season and made a large impact immediately that i would reconsider my thoughts. i just can't think of one right now.
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    As recent as last year. Marshawn Lynch. Went to Seattle at the deadline and played 11 games for 573 yards and 6 TDs. Not terrible production.

    Herschel Walker comes to mind. 11 games 669 yards and 6 TDs (one receiving.) Again, not terrible.

    I don't think anyone's gonna go anywhere and put up 1600 yards and 16 TDs type production, but Williams could make an impact somewhere.
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    Sure would help my fantasy team out if he could start producing again
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    if i was williams id be ready to take the first train outa carolinaq
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    well, actually it was the 2010 season Lynch was traded to seattle and it was well before the deadline but that's a good example to discuss.

    that season, he really didn't do a lot in the regular season for the hawks but after running with them for a couple of months, they started building some chemistry and he destroyed the saints in that wild card game, his first big game with the hawks.

    so, maybe there is enough time for a RB to make an impact for a team in january with a couple of months in the season to get him up to speed. i'm just not sure williams is anywhere in the same league as lynch, but maybe he could surprise me.
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    I keep thinking its I believe that he was traded at Week 6 and at that time, wasn't that the trade deadline? I can't remember...