Our Bad -- Again -- NFL Says Of Botched Call In Steelers-Packers

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Tarkus, Dec 25, 2013.

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    NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino went on NFL Newtork'€™s Total Access on Tuesday, as he does every week, and admitted the officials in the Packers-Steelers game on Sunday made a major error on a crucial blocked field goal.

    "€œHe'€™s going to gain control, and it actually looks like he throws a backward pass, so had this been reviewable, I think we could have overturned this," Blandino said.

    The play is not reviewable under the league'€™s current replay review system, which is just another case for the system to expand and allow coaches more leeway in what plays they can challenge. Blandino seems to agree that the system needs to be changed, even acknowledging that the competition committee should reconsider what should and shouldn'€™t be reviewable.

    "€œIt'€™s important to remember that this is not reviewable,"€ Blandino said of the play.€ "€œThe ruling on the field of whether Clark possessed it or not is not a reviewable aspect, and that'€™s something the competition committee has looked at in the past, and I'€™m sure they'€™ll continue to look at."€

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    It's also important to remember that this type of thing should already been addressed at the committee level on it being reviewable by refs who obviously had a conflicting view on the possession issue itself.

    You don't need 10 minutes of discussion between all the refs to just come to the rule interpretation as to a red flag review.
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    Exactly, Tark. That was a sham play. The sideline review is nothing but a lesson in utility. Once a review is called for one single ref in the booth can look at it from multiple shot in a matter of seconds. Doesn't take a jury of refs to make a decision.
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    3 words...



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    Don't you mean 3 letters??
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    Those are words!



    Happy Holidays Down Under!!
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    Thank you for saying something NFL that I already knew the refs screwed up from the get go.
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    all plays should be reviewed, and go to a central nfl location. make the rules changes so that bad and wrong calls dont happen anymore. its like when a player fumbles but the crew calls him down, then when they review it the other team gets the ball where the fumble was picked up not wherever the play ended.
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    Thank you for correcting me @markaz. Must be that American english :) Happy Holidays to Sunny Arizona.