Packers SS Atari Bigby Disputes He's Unhappy With His Deal

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    During a Friday appearance on Sporting News Radios The Monty Show, Packers safety Atari Bigby disputed the notion that hes unhappy with his contract, or that he is boycotting offseason workouts because of it. I think youve got the wrong guy, Bigby said regarding reports that he doesnt like his contractual situation. I am at off-season camp, so lets get that straight, Bigby said. My ankles doing good. Im out there on my own on the side doing my little drills, running around . . . just, you know, taking it easy and making sure we go into the season healthy. Even if theres no problem with his contract, it sounds like there was a serious problem with his ankle as evidenced by the fact that his ankle is still not sufficiently healed to allow him to participate in team drills five months after the season ended. The ankle is good now, Bibgy said. I cant say its a hundred percent because I havent played a game, I havent done any cutting competitively. Ive been sprinting, jumping and hopping around, but it was a tough injury when I got hurt last season and I dont think everybody got the full understanding of how bad it really was. But the guy you saw in 08, that wasnt the Atari Bigby that we know.

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    get healthy first, read up on the scheme and then practice yo.