Pat Bowlen Says Josh McDaniels Will Remain Denver's Coach

Discussion in 'Denver Broncos' started by Sweets, Jan 5, 2010.

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    The Broncos' 2-8 slide from first-half heavyweight to playoff also-ran has not shaken Broncos owner Pat Bowlen's faith in head coach Josh McDaniels. Bowlen said after Sunday's loss to the Chiefs that he is satisfied with McDaniels' performance in his rookie season. "Unfortunately, we lost this game, but I have no problems with the coach," Bowlen said, via the Denver Post. "He's my coach." McDaniels was a Coach of the Year favorite after the first half of the season, when his Broncos streaked to a 6-0 start unfortunately the good feelings faded quickly and Denver missed the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

    Source: USAToday
  2. CaptainStubing

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    i don't think there are any broncos fans here at gif but on some broncos boards, they're calling for mcdaniels to be fired already .................. yikes ................... :icon_eek:
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    Yeah, same year ending different HC. 4 the past few years now, the donks have been getting it in the end :laughpound:

    im here all week :icon_cheesygrin:
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    you can't be serious.

    One season. Though it didn't end well, we still pulled out a better record than projected. I'm happy with this desicion. I hope to see more improvements next year.
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    McDaniels just needs to learn that you don't bench 2 of your best players when you're trying to win a game to make it into the playoffs.....but all in all, the Broncos did better than most thought they would this season.
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    He didn't do too bad for a rookie coach.
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    You think he would finish better than 8-8 after starting 6-0.
  8. hermhater

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    I think they were overrated the entire season.

    The 6-0 start just made everyone think they were better than they are.
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    The real question is will Pat remember saying that? :icon_eek:

    A week later....."Josh, you are fired."

    Josh - "What? You just gave me a vote of confidence a week ago?"

    Pat - "I did? Bullcrap, I would remember that."
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    Honestly, I don't think that had a whole lot to do with us losing to you guys. It seems to me that those 6 picks are what really did us in. Otherwise, there was some good chemistry in our offence without Brandon.