Patient Cowboys Keep Faith In TE Martellus Bennett

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by SRW, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett just can't stay out of controversy but as long as he shows amazing athletic ability, the Cowboys still have faith in him. In recent workouts, Bennett has been catching the ball well but showed another sign of wandering concentration with a false start. The mistake earned him a spot on the sideline and Bennett disappeared from the Cowboys passing game in 2009. The tight end's numbers were down across the board from a promising rookie season. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, however, sees progress, even if the numbers indicate otherwise.

    Source: Dallas Morning News
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    I loved watching this guy at TEXAS A&M, and then he got drafted by the cowboys and I had to wash my hands of him. Now come to find out he's got the mind of a 3rd grader.
    Hopefully when he decides to grow up he'll be on another team because he has the talent to be great.
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    I love his ability but everything else is about as annoying as it gets. Dude can't shut up and just concentrate on football. I get that guys need to have a life off of the field...but I don't see very many NFL players doing some of the stupid videos he does. There are other ways to have a life.

    I think the mind of a 3rd grader is giving him too much credit. :icon_eek: