Patriots intern who launched Spygate selling Super Bowl ring

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    All the Spygate tapes have been destroyed, but that doesn't mean you can't be a part of 'Spygate' history. All you have to do is make a bid. Matt Estrella, the video assistant who inadvertently started the Spygate scandal when he was caught filming the Jets in 2007, is auctioning off his Super Bowl XXXIX ring. Estrella was a video intern when the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXIX, then worked as a video assistant with the team from 2005-09. Apparently Spygate memorabilia is popular because bidding on the ring has now reached $11,120 after starting at $1,500.

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    You got to be kidding me!! A video intern gets a ring?!?!
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    @TJ - That was the more shocking part of the story to me as

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    Yeah, wtf?
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    Intern gonna be RICH bi**h!!!
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    what is spygate ? is there any evidence of this alledged violation ?
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    probably selling it cause he can't get a job.he'll end up on pawn stars eventually.
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    If you do find some we will put a bounty out on them. Rest assured.
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    I read it wasn't a "real" ring, that lower level staff like him and others all get zirconium knockoffs of the player rings.

    Still tho, thats a tidy profit.