Patriots QB Tom Brady To Pass Joe Montana's Playoff Record With Win Vs Jets

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by SRW, Jan 16, 2011.

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    With a win Sunday against the Jets, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will set another impressive record. It would mark his 15th career playoff victory, which would be the most for any quarterback with one team in NFL history. Brady (14-4 postseason record) entered Sunday tied with Joe Montana (14-5 with the 49ers), Terry Bradshaw (14-5 with the Steelers) and John Elway (14-8 with the Broncos). Overall, Montana has the NFL record with 16 playoff victories, including a 2-2 mark with the Chiefs. Brady, Bradshaw and Elway are all tied for second. Looking further ahead, if the Patriots win Super Bowl XLV, Brady would notch his 17th playoff win to set the all-time record there, and he'd also match Montana and Bradshaw with an all-time high four Super Bowl rings.

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    Almost game time!
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    guess not
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    Not til next year.
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    they need to find a running game lol