Patriots RB Stevan Ridley Knocked Out Of AFC Championship With Head Injury

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    Patriots running back Stevan Ridley left in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Game after taking a big hit from Ravens safety Bernard Pollard. The team shortly afterward announced he would not return with a head injury.

    Ridley made helmet-to-helmet contact with Pollard on the play. He went down to the ground and remained on the field for a few minutes, but was eventually able to walk off on his own power after receiving medical attention.

    Ridley also fumbled the football on the play, giving the Ravens the ball in Patriots territory.

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    Literally knocked out.
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    Yeah he got funked up
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    probably wake up on planet tko after that one!
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    Paging Sheriff Goodell
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    Goodell won't show on that hit and he will ignore Ray Ray's multiple helmet to helmet violations...

    He's too busy trying to figure out how to get more minorities employed...unless its for league commissioner.
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    Bernard Pollard again
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    Lord Goodell has been summoned! :icon_eek: