Patriots To Receive 3rd Round Pick From Vikings For Randy Moss

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  1. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports via twitter when the Randy Moss-to-Minnesota trade is completed later, Patriots will receive a third-round pick in return from the Vikings. In a 41-point outburst Monday night over the Dolphins, Moss caught zero passes, and he has made his displeasure known with his contract status in New England. Moss, 33, was a former first-round pick of the Vikings in 1998. In his first three seasons in New England, Moss caught 250 passes for 3,765 yards and 47 touchdowns. The Vikings have been searching for a star-caliber receiver and were unable to pick up Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

    Source: Adam Schefter:
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  2. Nice deal....

    The Patriots traded a fourth for Moss to the Raiders in 2007 and received a third in return from the Vikings three years later.
  3. 86WARD

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    Don't think it's a bad deal for either side...Patriots geting a great return on investment...
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  4. Just heard Schefter say this a few minutes ago on Mike & Mike......

    Adam Schefter:
  5. 86WARD

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    They'll use the Favre money to sign him next season...
  6. Sportsguy

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    first they gotta know if Brett is coming back next year before using up that money
  7. He very well might....Moss is the receiver Favre has long coveted.
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    horrible decision by the patriots in my opinion
  9. Omen

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    Damn i like that deal.............why JJ cant do things of this nature is beyond me instead he gives up our 1st for RW
  10. TheSnowman

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    First AND third, wasn't it?
  11. And a sixth as well....
  12. TOP DAWG

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    I really thought we'd get a 2nd for Randy, but if we waited much longer we could get nothing. A good deal for the Vikes if Moss plays hard. When he's not happy, he just doesn't play up to his capabilities.
  13. Deal is done.....Moss is back with Minnesota.

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    Favre lobbied the Green Bay Packers hard to get Moss from Oakland . When the Pats got him Favre was pissed and the talk of Favre being digruntled in Green Bay began. He "retired" one year later.
    Just heard on Mike and Mike that the deal is done.
  15. I know...just posted it about 20 minutes ago. :icon_cool:

    What I am saying is that Favre very well could return for a 21st season next year with Moss in the fold.
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    I guess it's time to upgrade my 56K modem.:icon_cheesygrin:
  17. 86WARD

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    I hear that the Pats were asking for a 2012 third round pick but Minnesota balked. That would make more sense from a Pats fan point of view...that would've most likely turned into a 2010 2nd rounder at the hands of Belichick.
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    REVIS vs MOSS PT.2

  19. Article updated.....Moss will report to the Vikings today and is excited to return to Minnesota.
  20. TOP DAWG

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    I've never heard what kind of money Moss was demanding from NE, that made them give up on signing him. If you want to be signed by the Pats, you keep your mouth shut, play hard, and maybe take a little less. Belicheck is trying to get this team unified and play as a team. Moss and Mankins didn't help with that, or follow the "keep your mouth shut" rule, and they both will be playing elsewhere. The Pats have the draft picks, and could come up with the money to sign Jackson from the Chargers to replace Moss, which wouldn't be a bad move, but to pay that kind of money I think Vincent comes with too much baggage for that deal to go down.