Patriots WR Wes Welker Suffered A Torn Rotator Cuff

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  1. In addition to undergoing surgery to repair torn ligaments in his left knee, Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker is also recovering from a torn rotator cuff this offseason, according to a source close to the situation. The source said the knee, not the rotator cuff, remains Welker's primary obstacle in returning to the field for the 2010 season, but Welker believes that he will play this year. Still, that the All-Pro is facing rehabilitations on his knee and shoulder only adds to the significant challenge ahead of him.

    Source: ESPN
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  2. S!Nstacked

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    Never be the same welker again. :[ Welp there is always Kevin Walter.
  3. mj1987us26

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  4. S!Nstacked

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    The texans wr that is said to be the second coming of Welker.
  5. mj1987us26

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    Kevin Walter isn't anything close to Wes Welker.
  6. DontKnowMe

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    When did he tear the RC?
  7. Lord_Joe

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    Kevin Walter is a completely different player, you can't say that!

    Welker is a catch-underneath, YAC guy,

    Walter is a 6'3" 215lb downfield target who is great in the red zone.
  8. andy82

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    I believe Kevin Walter is also older than Wes, in addition to their complete differences in play style.

    Honestly, I don't think this will harm Welker's ability than it does for other types of WR's, because he doesn't exactly rely on his speed.
  9. Crowned

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    They're both white, I see where you were confused.
  10. Lord_Joe

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    So is Cameron Diaz.
  11. y2kbug

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    Big hit for Brady and the Pats cause Welker was Brady's security blanket when Moss was double teamed and watching Moss play this year was disappointing at times. I really thought he only had the MCL and ACL torn and was recovering from it, I wonder if he will be able to play at all next season
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    She is only part white, her father is 2nd generation Cuban-American:icon_cheesygrin: Hence the last name Diaz!
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    Maybe he won't play the entire season, I do believe he will play during the season and that it won't affect him that much. The injury is his knee will take a full year till it is actually 100% but really it's all about how he recovers from it mentally.
  14. Lord_Joe

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  15. y2kbug

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    I dunno i thought those injuries makes you be 80% ready after the first year and then the full100% after 2 years