Payton Silences Critics, If Only For One Game

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    After one long week and long day, the Saints got back on the field last night in Atlanta with much to prove. Losing to Tampa Bayand the way they lost eight days agohad provoked a firestorm of criticism local, regional, and national. Most of it directed toward the defending Coach of the Year in the NFL, who suddenly was faced to defend his judgments in selecting both plays and personnel.

    On this night, both would be validated. And it wouldn't take long.

    Running their first play of the night from their own 9-yard line, the ball would be placed safely in the hands of wide receiver Devery Henderson as Reggie Bush so tragically couldn't eight days before. The result was a 15-yard gain.

    Sean Payton "instant messaging" his critics: "this is how we play -- aggressively, without fear of the consequences."