Pippen Says Lebron Could Be Better Than Jordan

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by Steve12, May 27, 2011.

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    Without these two shots, we probably wouldn't have made it to the Finals in those years.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYQDsZljAOY"]YouTube - ‪robert horry game winning shot vs kings 2002‬‏[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RodiAAns6Jk&NR=1"]YouTube - ‪Derek Fisher's 0.4 Shot‬‏[/ame]

    Granted we didn't beat the Pistons then. If Kobe single handedly won all of our championships, 2010, against the Celtics.. Kobe wouldn't have had one of the worst shooting performances of his playoff career in game 7. 0-6 From 3pt land. Scored 11 of his 24 from the FT Line. Shot 6-24 from the field. If anybody single handedly won us that game, it was Ron Artest or Gasol. Ron Had 20 points, 5 steals, and was clutch with a late three. And Pau had a "Soft" 18 rebounds. both had near 20 points.

    You proved how mentally numb you are with the line "/end" ... end end. very clever. I see what you did there. Guess I'm not really a Lakers fan since I know the facts about my team and players since I started watching basketball in 1994 at an early age.

    And this is how "hard" Bosh is. I'm sure we've seen Shaq do this plenty of times..

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV8yMnKVIyU&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - Chris Bosh Flop Fail Against Chicago Bulls[/ame]
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    Keep it civil guys.
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    It's completely civil.
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    I know, but a few comments have come close.
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    Being a Celtics fan I wholeheartedly agree with this. He got tossed around by KG, Powe and Perkins back in '08, but in 2010 he was a completely different player.
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    Shaq career stats have come WAYYYYYYY down in the last few years. In his prime he was money for 30-12
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    I like flirting with that little imaginary line, tis' a nice feeling.
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    and i stand by my comment that you are clueless.

    bosh at the end of his career will barely, if ever be mentioned in any type of basketball discussion about the best players ever. on the flip side you can't have a debate like that without bringing up shaq.

    but keep going on with your silly claims. your legend is growing by every post.
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    Bro why don't we see where he stands at the end of his career alright. And when I am right and you are wrong I will sit here and rub it in your face for a while kay. Same with Lebron and his sucktitude and his inability to be anything more than a role player on someone else's team.
  10. smeags

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    you've already proven you'll be wrong but you're not smart enough to figure that out.
  11. Dragonite

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    Really I think I have pretty much proven I am usually right actually and Lebron showed me all I needed to know last night. 8 Points in a Finals game lol. So let's see. I was right about Lebron being a pr**k. I was right about how Lebron will never be as good as MJ because I don't think MJ ever sucked quite taht bad in a playoff game. I was right about Lebron leaving Cleveland.

    Hell I am right about a lot of things. I was right when I said on another sports forum that it would not be Lebron or D Wade who would shine in the Finals it would be Dirk. I was right when I said the Mavs would hang tough and this series would go to 6 or 7 games. Now taht hasn't happened yet but it sure looks possible. Hell it even looks possible that what I have said all year, that the Heat may go deep in the playoffs but they don't have enough depth to close someone out when it matters most, that was right too eh?
  12. smeags

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    wow, it's amazing how out of millions and millions of sports fans around the world you are the only one who even came close to predicting all of those things.

    you are, superfan.
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    Lol smeagle, he really is.

  14. Mr. D

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    they played on the same team for a few good years before either one of them had a ring though, so it wasn't Pippen Jordan needed, it was if anyone Phil Jackson who got Pippen and others to step their game up, if you watched the Bulls before Jackson Jordan always had his game up the rest needed to follow

    No chance in hell that LeBron will be better than Kobe
    how is that Clutch player handling the Mav's?
  15. Steve12

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    Yea he's pretty much disappeared. That's fine with me though. I love seeing him struggle.

    And Lebron is a better all around player than kobe. Kobe is a better scorer and will go down with more championships. I was just saying Lebrons all around game is better.
  16. Dragonite

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    Actually Lebron is a better scorer bro but the reason why Kobe will always be better is because Kobe will always have more championships, Kobe can close out teams and Kobe is the most clutch player in the NBA no matter what anyone says. Lebron can score but when it matters most he relegates to a passer. He's afraid of the big shot
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    Even if the Heat comeback to win this.....isn't this argument over? LeBron has not captured the moment like Jordan would so far. He's floundered when it was crunch time. Unless LeBron leads two comeback 4th quarters to win this snitch? I say debate over. Pippen...you talked out your butt.
  18. Omen

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    I would say yes.... But The same time his career is far from over.

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  19. SRW

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    Jordan never lost in one NBA final he was in. LeBron's on pace to have two to his resume.
  20. Crowned

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    So Adam Morrison is better than Lebron too?