Police Seize Gun From Ex-Colts WR Marvin Harrison At Traffic Stop

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  1. ravenfan52

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    Marvin Harrison, the former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver whose role in a 2008 shooting is under investigation by the Philadelphia district attorney, was ordered to surrender a 9 mm handgun to police Wednesday during a routine traffic stop. Harrison was stopped at approximately 5 p.m. on the 2700 block of Jefferson Avenue in Philadelphia about three blocks from a garage he owns, according to three law enforcement sources. The 37-year-old former Pro Bowl receiver was driving the wrong way down the one-way street in a Cadillac Escalade when the patrolman stopped him along with the driver of a second car that was trailing him, the sources said.

    Source: Shaun Assael, ESPN The Magazine
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  2. ravenfan52

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    see link for more details.
  3. MediaGuy

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    Ballistics will tell if he was dumb enough to use the same gun again. I think he did with a quick trigger. WTF do I no?
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  4. cpgobrowns

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    It's always the quiet ones.
  5. mj1987us26

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    99% of the time. I have a gut feeling that crap is about to hit the fan.
  6. cpgobrowns

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    Me too. And I'm a little too excited about it considering I have no real issue with the Colts or Marvin Harrison.
  7. mj1987us26

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    I wouldn't call it excitement with me, I would be more inclined to call it curiosity and need to know the truth. But yeah something is about to go down, and then the media world will beat it to death.
  8. cpgobrowns

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    Yeah, good off-season story at least. Definitely beats talking about players a-x wanting more money and threatening to hold out.
  9. Sweets

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    He had a permit for a gun yet he lied to the officer and said he didn't have a weapon, curious unless that gun has a history that he didn't want anyone to know about.
  10. ollysj

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    That he lied was a really dumb move, if he has nothing to hide

    Plus he's a bad driver
  11. CaptainStubing

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    whatever happened to this guy? at one time, i respected him but it just goes to show we don't know any athlete or anyone in the public spotlight because we don't know them personally ..............
  12. cpgobrowns

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    He retired to become a gangster. I blame hip-hop.
  13. 86WARD

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    BINGO! Why not just tell the officer: "I have a gun in the car and hear is my permit."
  14. warcrychief

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    where was Peyton 4 this guy?

    I blame Manning.
  15. cpgobrowns

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    Manning is a big name in the gangsta rap world, so it could be him.