QB Coach Says Raiders Mishandled QB JaMarcus Russell

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    Now that JaMarcus Russell is out of Oakland, his quarterback guru, Tom Martinez, who also works with Tom Brady, is weighing in on the former top overall pick's Raiders experience. Russell held out of his rookie year training camp, and instead of meeting in the middle on his contract demands, the Raiders ended up giving him $4 million dollars more than his original demands. Also, Martinez said that Russell should have played immediately and been named the starter rather than sit out much of the season as the team's backup. "He was never wanted there by any of the coaches," Martinez told the New York Times. "The only one who wanted him there was Al Davis. Al Davis told them to draft him. He was the epitome of an Al Davis quarterback." The situation for Russell was not ideal, said Martinez, who cited a poor offensive line and "receivers who don't know how to get open, who don't know how to separate." And with no run support and with poor utilization of the running backs in the passing game, Martinez said, Russell's development was further stunted.

    Source: New York Times
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    Too all of this I say two things.

    1. A rookie cap would have fixed his holding out.

    2. He will end up somewhere, and will eventually get a chance. Lets see how he does when he gets that chance.
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    bla,bla,bla :icon_cry:
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    well, Martinez is obviously butt clown ............. what about Russell's lack of effort rodweed? what about all of the times that he didn't prepare for game plans dumbheck?

    Instead of just having a temper tantrum and refusing to give any effort because the coaches didn't think he was worth the pick, he should have proven them all wrong. Instead he just quit........ yep, he's a REAL winner.
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    Serving Skittles at lunch.
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    lane kiffin hecked it all up for the kid.... oh wait russell just sucks
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    JaMarcus needs to get a lawyer...lol...
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    lol...all of this plus the fact that he couldnt hit an elephant from 5 yards away
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    Full of crap.
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    After today I doubt Mr. Martinez talks about this again.
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    so he was not good in a bad situation and wiped out....news to anyone that watches football?
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    The Raiders were clearly a better team and more competitive with Bruce Grad. at the helm last year, cant really blame it on the recievers or the line when they actually had someone who had a clue what to do with the ball in his hands.